This privacy policy (hereinafter “Policy”) is provided pursuant to art. 13 of the European General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679
(GDPR) to the users (hereinafter “Users” or “User”) of the internet site property of Simone Amato, who is the Data Controller. Scope of this policy is to describe how the Users’ data are managed and to let the Users know why and how their data are used, in case they consent to collect them.


The Data Controller, pursuant to and for the purposes of the Policy, states that the processing of personal data and their treatment will be based on principles of correctness, lawfulness, transparency and protection of confidentiality and fundamental rights.


The site acquires certain personal data of the User by the booking form that the User decides to send while asking for availability of the apartment or booking it. Any personal data collected through the use of the Site will be processed, with the consent of the Users, for the purposes described below:

  1. Contact the User to answer the questions asked and provide information and business proposals relating to stays at the apartment
  2. Manage the booking, finalize the tourist rental contract and send, through Email and/or SMS, all the information necessary for the stay at the apartment

For the purpose referred to in number 2, in addition to the name and e-mail address entered in the contact form, the Data Controller may become aware of additional User data such as telephone number, credit card number, personal data, bank details. In this case the Data Controller applies, as the legal basis for processing, the need to process personal data for the execution of the rental contract, in particular to allow a complete management of the apartment booking and leasing process.


The Data Controller ensures that any personal data is processed in full compliance with the Rules, in paper and / or electronic format, also with automated procedures. Processing can also be carried out using automated tools to store, manage and transmit the data. The data collected and processed will be protected with physical and logical methods that reduce to a minimum the risks of unauthorized access, dissemination, loss and destruction of data, pursuant to art. 25 and 32 of the Regulations. The data processing will last no longer than is necessary to meet the purposes for which it was collected. According to the art. 7 paragraph 3 of the Regulation, the interested party will have the right at any time and in an easy and fast way to withdraw the consent to the processing and request the cancellation of any personal data, sending a specific communication to the Data Controller at Following the request for cancellation by the User, all personal data of the same will be deleted, without prejudice to further storage required by regulatory obligations. In the event that a User has made reservations or stays at the apartment, the data will be kept for the time strictly necessary to carry out all the obligations connected with the tourist rental contract.


The Site uses technical cookies in order to improve navigation, speed up the analysis of Internet traffic and make it easier for Users to access the services. The User is aware that, by using the Site, he accepts the use of cookies. “Cookies” are information that is transferred to the user’s computer by a website. These are not programs, but small text files that allow websites to store information about browsing performed by the user and to make this information accessible while browsing the web by other sites that use this tool. Most websites use cookies because they are part of the tools that can improve users’ browsing experience. Cookies allow websites to offer personalized services (for example, remembering an access or showing important content). There are different types of cookies: temporary cookies (or session cookies) that are automatically deleted when the browser is closed and persistent cookies that are not deleted but remain until they are specifically deleted or until the expiry date defined by the site itself. Most browsers accept cookies automatically; the user, however, can disable cookies from his browser, but in this case it should be remembered that you may lose many functions necessary for the website to function properly. As for the cookies actually used on this site, they are limited to those normally defined as “strictly necessary cookies”, as they are essential for the user’s correct navigation on the website. The most commonly used browsers allow the disabling of this kind of cookies.


Users may exercise their rights at any time by contacting the Data Controller and Data Protection Officer for any communications regarding the processing of their Personal Data, at the following contacts:

Data Controller:

Simone Amato

tel. +39.349.8776527